Mission, Vision and Values

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Mission Statement

Within a positive and nurturing environment we will empower students to be well rounded, broad-minded individuals able to live constructively in today’s fast changing multicultural world.

Vision Statement

We will nurture, encourage and empower students to be well-rounded enquiring individuals, reaching their full potential and able to contribute as global citizens.

To achieve our vision we will:

  • Continue to develop a seamless curriculum from preschool to Year 13 with particular emphasis on the transition between each programme.
  • Develop a high quality, cohesive International Baccalaureate curriculum throughout the school utilizing modern, progressive teaching and assessment methods (including standardized testing) and ensure the standard education provides students with internationally recognized and portable qualifications;
  • Foster intellectual curiosity and an interest in all facets of learning: academic, cultural, sporting and social;
  • Develop a learning community employing internal and external information and community employing internal and external information and communication technologies to support curriculum delivery;
  • Involve parents and the community in the process of student learning and other areas of the school;
    Develop resources around the school’s learning needs;
  • Monitor report on and improve our performance.

Our Values

  • We believe in fostering an understanding of tolerance towards and an acceptance of all cultures.
  • We believe in a balance between all facets of education – academic, cultural, sporting, and social.
  • We believe in a safe, caring and co-operative environment that provides for optimal teaching/learning experiences and promotes excellence.
  • We believe in lifelong learning.