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School uniform is compulsory and students should attend dressed fully in school uniform every day.

Primary Uniform (ECH1 – Year 6)

Students from Early Childhood to Year 6 wear the bula fabric uniform.

Boys – Blue & navy bula shirt with navy shorts

Girls – Blue & navy bula shirt with navy skort (skirt/shorts combination). Alternatively girls from early childhood – Year 6 may wear the bula tunic dress.

Hats – Primary students must wear their school hat when playing or working outside. No hat, no play. There are two types of uniform hats available – full brim or cap with neck cover, both in navy with the school emblem.

Secondary Uniform (Year 7 – Year 13)

Students from Year 7 to Year 13 wear a white shirt with the school emblem.

Boys – white ISN emblem shirt with navy shorts or navy sulu or navy trousers.

Girls – white ISN emblem shirt with navy skort (skirt/shorts combination) or navy trousers.

Hats encouraged.


Black sandals or black covered shoes. Running shoes for PE. No flip flops/jandals allowed.

PE Uniform

Students are required to wear the PE uniform for PE classes and sports days.

Boys & Girls – Coloured ‘house’ t-shirt (red, blue, yellow or green) and navy/white stripe sports shorts. (Check with the Office once enrolled for the house colour of your child.)

Primary – Students can come to school in their PE uniform on sports days and do not need to bring their regular uniform.

Secondary – Students must bring their PE uniform on the days they have PE and change into the uniform at school. An exception to this is if secondary students have PE in the first two periods of their timetable, in which case they can come to school in their PE uniform and change into their regular uniform afterwards.


A one-piece bathing suit for girls and swim trunks or shorts for boys. ISN bathing suits (optional) are available to purchase.

Where to buy the ISN uniform

International School Uniform can be purchased from Pacific Tourist Store (PTS) in Nadi town. It is located on the right hand side across from the petrol station when coming into town over the bridge from the Denarau side. Roop Milan,located on Sahu Khan St, Nadi Town. (The small side street, that runs down the main st side of central fruit and vege market .)

Call PTS for enquiries: +679 670 0085.

Call Roop Milan for enquiries: +679 670 7444,

Shoes can be purchased from Deoji in Nadi, as well as several other shoe stores. These are located on about mid-way along the main road of Nadi town.