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Our Newsletters are intended to provide essential information to our parents and foster a connection between the classroom and the home. The aim of our newsletters is to inform, remind and connect.


Our newsletters should inform your family of special school activities such as meetings, sports days, fundraising opportunities and all upcoming events.


As the date of an activity or event draws closer, our newsletter provides reminders for your family to plan for the event or for special items that are needed for an activity.


Our newsletter provides a great insight into the everyday life at ISN. Teachers, students and committee contribute to our newsletters providing information and photos about recent activities, events or lessons. We invite all parents and students to provide feedback regarding what you would like to see in our newsletters and greatly encourage parental involvement in our school programs.


Term 3, 2017


Newsletter 25.08.17 – LATEST EDITION!

Newsletter 11.08.17

JULY 2017

Newsletter 27.07.17

Term 2, 2017

JUNE 2017

Newsletter 23.06.17

Newsletter 09.06.17

MAY 2017

Newsletter 25.05.17

Newsletter 12.05.17

APRIL 2017

Newsletter 27.04.17

Newsletter 21.04.17

Term 1, 2017

MARCH 2017

Newsletter 31.03.17

Newsletter 17.03.17

Newsletter 02.03.17


Newsletter 17.02.17

Newsletter 03.02.17